CANopen Architect

CANopen and CANopen FD EDS/XDD Design,
Editing and Documentation Software

Professional Object Dictionary Editor

for CANopen and CANopen FD

CANopen Architect is a flexible and powerful tool for creating, editing, managing, documenting and sharing electronic datasheets, the primary file format of CANopen (FD). Designed as the starting point for all CANopen-based projects with a range of import and export functionality.

CANopen Architect can export configuration files for Micro CANopen source code and library implementations as well as for CANopenIA system on chip or module solutions (

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CANopen Architect is available from the following vendors, which also sell suitable CAN interfaces.

North America

Embedded Systems Academy, Inc., California, USA

Grid Connect, Inc., Illinois, USA
Phytools, LLC, Washington, USA


Embedded Systems Academy, GmbH, Germany

PEAK-System Technik GmbH, Germany

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System Requirements

Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
.NET Framework 4.0 or later
Internet connection


The following screenshots give a taste of the functionality found in CANopen Architect. To see everthing give it a try today.

Import and Export

Integration into the CANopen product development cycle

Main Window

Flexible and user-friendly interface, designed with fast and efficient data entry in mind

EDS Editing

Simple and easy to use EDS editor

EDS Editing

Edit entries and subentries

EDS Editing

Edit file information fields

EDS Editing

Edit device information

EDS Editing

Edit device commissioning

EDS Checking

Check EDSs for correctness using the built-in checker or an external third-party checker

Export Using Configurations

Export subsets of entries for different audiences using the flexible configuration system

EDS Configurations

Create custom configurations with arbitrary collections of groups and entries

Documentation Export

Export EDSs to Word documents for use in manuals and internal documentation

EDS Groups

Create arbirary groupings of entries to allow superset creation and subset exporting

PDO Editing

Simple entry of PDO configuration and mappings in a single window

Command Line Console

Command line interface for batch and power-user operations

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